Strawberry Shortcake 80s

Strawberry's wonderful world is full of wonderful things. But mostly, it's full of berries. Strawberry Shortcake and Friends love to help friendship grow. They love making new friends. They have wonderful adventures. They all love having a glorious time in their wonderful colorful world.

Rating: TV-Y

Released: 1980

Ended: 1986

Amazon Video Price: $15.99

Producer: Nelvana


  1. The World of Strawberry Shortcake
  2. Strawberry Shortcake in Big Apple City
  3. Housewarming Surprise
  4. Pets on Parade
  5. Strawberry Shortcake and the Baby Without a Name
  6. Strawberry Shortcake Meets the Berrykins
  7. Up Up and Away

All rights belong to Nelvana.

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