Strawberry Shortcake CD's

# Title Release Date
Music for
1 Berry Merry Christmas 2003
Berry Merry Christmas
2 Strawberry Jams 2004
Meet Strawberry Shortcake,Spring for Strawberry Shortcake,Get Well Adventure,Growing Better,Berry Merry Christmas
3 Dress-up Days 2005
Best Pets Yet,Moonlight Mysteries,Dress-up Days
4 Seaberry Beach Party 2006
Seaberry Beach Party,Adventures on Ice Cream Island,Play Day Surprise
5 Let's Dance 2007
Berry Blossom Festival,Let's Dance,Berry Big Journeys
6 World of Friends 2007
World of Friends,Berry Fairy Tales,Cooking Up Fun
6 Rockaberry Roll 2008
Big Country Fun,Rockaberry Roll