Baby Take the Cake - season 3 episode 5. Strawberry and her friends to make delightful desserts, and Apple Dumplin' want to help - even though she's too little! But when Apple fall asleep and dreams she's the oldest, and everyone else is a baby, she realizes that there's really no rush to grow up!

Strawberry Shortcake as teen and baby.

Apple Dumplin as teen and baby.

Ginger Snap as teen and baby.

Angel cake as teen and baby.

Orange Blossom as teen and baby.

The image gallery: Baby Strawberry Shortcake image / gallery: Baby Orange Blossom image/ gallery: Baby Angel Cake image/gallery: Baby Ginger Snap image/gallery: Older Apple Dumplin image/gallery:
The four berry babies group 5
The four berry babies group 1
The four berry babies group 2
The four berry babies group 3
The berry babies group 4

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