Baby Take the Cake - season 3 episode 5. Strawberry and her friends to make delightful desserts, and Apple Dumplin' want to help - even though she's too little! But when Apple fall asleep and dreams she's the oldest, and everyone else is a baby, she realizes that there's really no rush to grow up!

Apple Dumplin’ wants to help Strawberry & her friends with baking, but Dumplin’s just too little to be much help. In fact, she ends up making a pretty big mess of things. Strawberry’s friends think Dumplin’ is too much of a baby – maybe she should just lay down for a nap? Her feelings hurt, Apple Dumplin’ does lay down and promptly falls asleep. She dreams that she’s bigger and Strawberry and her friends are now the little babies! Apple Dumplin’ is in charge now! But the babies turn out to be quite a handful, and Dumplin’ quickly learns a lesson about taking on big responsibilities

Apple Dumplin
Babies get dough on them 2
Babies get dough on them 3

Strawberry Shortcake as teen and baby.

Apple Dumplin as teen and baby.

Ginger Snap as teen and baby.

Angel cake as teen and baby.

Orange Blossom as teen and baby.


Babies around Older Apple Dumplin
All four babies crying loud.
Babies confuse
Babies crying again
Babies get dough on them 1
The image gallery:
2003 Apple Dumplin face
2003 Apple Dumplin face 2
Babies said uh no
Babies said yeah for a story.
Babies screaming
Babies sitting 1
Babies sitting 2
Babies thinkings
Babies watching Older Apple Dumplin 1
Babies wondering around
Baby A.C, and O.B. confusion & G.S. crying
Baby Strawberry Shortcake image / gallery:
Baby A.C. and G.S. confuse
Baby O.B. & A.C.
Baby S.S. begin to fall
Baby S.S. and G.S.
Baby S.S started to fall
Baby Strawberry confusion
Baby Strawberry curious
Baby Strawberry Happy.
Baby Orange Blossom image/ gallery:
Baby Strawberry messy face
Berry babies dancing
Berry Babies started to watching
Older Apple Dumplin and Babies scare
Older Apple Dumplin carry Baby Strawberry
Older Apple Dumplin face
Older Apple Dumplin started to read a story
Baby Angel Cake image/gallery: Baby Ginger Snap image/gallery: Older Apple Dumplin image/gallery:
The four berry babies group 5
The four berry babies group 1
The four berry babies group 2
The four berry babies group 3
The berry babies group 4