Berry Talk - Strawberry Shortcake Classic Clip

Berry Talk - Strawberry Shortcake Classic Clip

World of Strawberry Shortcake

Berry Talk

Strawberry : I berry talk all day through...

Peculiar Purple Pieman : Well if you could teach me, perhaps you could reach me; I'd like to berry talk too...

Strawberry : Okay, I'll show you!

If the day's real hot, then it's berry hot.

And if it is cold, berry chilly.

If a book is long then its berry long.

Peculiar Purple Pieman : And if it is short, I feel silly.

Strawberry : Oh no, don't feel silly. But you didn't say berry...

Peculiar Purple Pieman : I tried to say berry, but my mouth won't do what its told....

Strawberry : Listen to berries, think about berries, to berry talk you must be sooold....

Like a ride across the stream in a berry boat

Peculiar Purple Pieman : And berries are extraordinary

Strawberry : And what do I see, when I turn on tv?

My favorite cartoon "Tom and Berry"! *giggles*

Peculiar Purple Pieman : I'ncredible berry, a berry fine berry.

I get it! I know what to say...

You better stand far back

I'm just gonna rawr back

And berry talk all of the way

Strawberry : Okay now you do it!

Peculiar Purple Pieman : On Halloween I am berry scared. With berry bad guys I can't dissmiss.

And what do I say about Christmas Day?

Strawberry : With a berry?

Peculiar Purple Pieman : That's it! Berry Christmas!

Strawberry : Oh, wonderful! You learned to say berry!

Peculiar Purple Pieman : Oh I love to say berry!

Strawberry : Then I'll be your berry good friend...

Peculiar Purple Pieman : We'll berry together.

Strawberry : In all sorts of weather.

Both: Berry good friends til the end...

We'll berry together, in all sorts of weather.

Berry good friends til the eeeeeeennnnd...