Baby Without A Name song 4 - Best Friends02:02

Baby Without A Name song 4 - Best Friends

Baby Without a Name

Best Friends

Strawberry: They can be big, or they can be small.

It doesn't really matter at all.

They'll always be there to show that they care, and pick you up when you fall.

It isn't a chocolate candy, that makes me feel bright and dandy.

There's only one thing that can beat friends, best, friends.

I'm talkin' bout friends!

Best friends....

Berry best friends!

Friends, best friends, I'm talkin' bout best friends...

Berry best friends.

Take in a whole lot of love and caring.

Fill your arms full of love and sharing.

What you get is beyong comparing!

Friends, best friends, I'm talkin' bout friends, best friends

Happy and smiling friends, best friends!

Your my berry best friiieennds...

And I love you all berry much...

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