5 Big Apple City song 1 - Intro01:18

5 Big Apple City song 1 - Intro

Big Apple City


What a day, hip hooray!

She's got a special letter and she's on her way.

Bouncy as a bubble, of champagne.

Gotta catch the berry first plane!

Off she goes, whoop-de-doo

She's gonna be a winner just wait and see.

We'll be saying that we knew her when, no doubt about it she's a per-fect ten.

Just wait and see this Strawberry

Who'll soon be sittin' pretty.

Golly gee, Strawberry, well be the toast of Big Apple City!

Strawberry Shortcake In Big Apple City!

What a day, hip hooray!

Nothins gonna stop her she's on her way.

Proud to say, she was once our pal.

It couldn't really happen...

(Couldn't really happen!)

No, it couldn't really happen...

(Couldn't really hapen!)

It couldn't really happen....


It couldn't really happen to a nicer, nicer gal!!!

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