General Information

  • 1980's
    • Cherry Cuddler was another baby character, known for her propensity for hugging and being hugged by her friends. Now she is a 9-year-old girl and friends with Apple Dumplin'. Her pet is a goose called Gooseberry.


  • 1980's
    • Due to her young age and late arrival, Cherry does not have much information about her known. She has not been been shown having much personality outside of being a sweet, affectionate little girl.


  • 1980's
    • Cherry Cuddler is a fair-skinned girl with curled, pale pink-white hair. She has big black eyes and wears a shiny red cap on her head resembling the top half of a cherry with green ribbon tied around her neck. On the side of it, a big strawberry can be seen clipped to it.Her outfit consists of a white frilly dress with white booties that have a cherry ornament on each shoe, and the normal green and white striped pair of pantyhose.


  • 1980's
    • In Brazil, a berry different Cherry exists! Named Cerejinha, Cherry is a golden haired girl with a pink-red bonnet, green striped dress with a cherry on it and at the neck red coloring. The skirt part of her dress is frilly with small roses. She also has on the common pantyhose and brown shoes.