Lem N Ada are two baby twins Strawberry Shortcake encountered while on her worldwide travels in "Strawberry Shortcake: Housewarming Surprise". They made a minor, non-speaking appearance in "Strawberry Shortcake and the Baby Without a Name", along with Sugar Woofer.

Lem N Ada's pet is Sugar Woofer, a large, fluffy dog. Lem was voiced by Jeanine Elias, and Ada was voiced by Susan Roman.


Lemon N Ada met Strawberry at Pickle-Dilly Circus in England. They came to the international party she held at one point and brought along a recipe from England. As twins, Lem N Ada are usually never far apart and are always kept under the watchful eye of Sugar Woofer.

Warning: Spoilers Below

In, "Strawberry Shortcake: Housewarming Surprise", Strawberry met Lem and Ada on her trip to the Pickle-Dilly Circus. Later in the movie, the two twins were captured by Sour Grapes and The Peculiar Purple Pieman, only to be rescued by the Strawberrylanders.


Although the same size as other babies and toddlers in the series, the twins seemed to be especially precocious. Despite being so young the twins can speak formally and quite well, and are known for finishing each others sentences. This implies that the twins may be pretty smart, as they are also capable of doing the tasks other young ones cannot. Though, they still crawl sometimes.


File:Twinsies 2.png
Lem N Ada are twin brother and sister. They both share the same physical features and hair color/style, but can be told apart by their hair accessories. Ada wears a green and gold bow, while Lem wears Green hat.

Both wear low green and white striped socks with a white and orange bib with a lemon on it. Lem's being golden-orange while Ada's bright yellow. Their outfits are also the same, but reversed in coloring. Lem wears a white top with red spots and a white bottom piece with gold lines all over it, while Ada wears a white and gold line top and white and red bottom article of clothing. 


  • Lem N Ada's name is based on "Lemonade".
  • For the folks of Strawberryland, telling these two apart could be pretty problematic and only Sugar Woofer could tell who was who.
  • Although British, Lem N Ada barely use English language when they spesk. In comparison to T.N. Honey, who often used British words in almost all sentences.

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