Template:Characters Lime Chiffon is one of Strawberry Shortcake's new friends she met mid-way through the 1980's series. She makes her first animated appearance in the third special. In her major appearances in the Specials, Lime was originally voiced by Melleny Brown

In the original series, Lime is the bubbly, airy ballerina whose every action is filled with elegance and grace, even if she gets in the way sometimes. With high energy and a light mood, Lime can often be found with her pet, Parfait Parrot.



A girl with a "flighty" personality, it can be pretty hard to hold onto Lime's attention for long. She doesn't seem to pay attention to much, so often has to be called to or pulled out of the way. But then she'll simply dance away without care. It has been implied that Parfait may actually be smarter then her.



Lime Chiffon is a cute green themed girl with fair-light colored skin and small green eyes. She has grass green hair worn in a flared out bob-cut, worn with a two layer, white and pink hat resembling a cake with a pastel pink scallop-lined bottom piece. On the center of the cake is a green string bow. Lime wears a mint-green dress with white frilly sleeves and ribbon lining the bottom with a daisy every few inches. Her pantyhose are the basic green and white stripe, while she wears a dull pair of ballerina flats. She is normally seen in girly, flamboyant poses.


  • It's possible that 2007 Lime may have been the inspiration behind the 2009 Plum Puddin'. Both sharing a lot in common except for their color scheme and style of hair.
  • The self-centered child star, Lime Light, from the 2003 Series was originally an attempt at bringing Lime Chiffon to the current series. Other then name and color scheme they shared nothing in common.
  • She likes to dance