Meet Strawberry Shortcake: season 1 episode 1 -

Today is Apple Dumplin's first birthday, and her older sister Strawberry Shortcake has made the decision to throw a party in honor of the occasion. Unfortunately for her, certain essential party-throwing items cannot be located inside of their house. The two sisters (along with their animal duo Custard and Pupcake) set out on an quest in Strawberryland in search of the supplies they need. During their travels, they meet a unique group of new friends who will join them in their celebration. Date_2003



  • When Strawberry Shortcake adds the juice to her list, it wasn't all empty.
  • In one scene, when Strawberry Shortcake, Custard, and Apple Dumpling leave Ginger Snap's bakery, Pupcake isn't with them.
  • In one scene, Pupcake's tail was white when everyone was walking around the flower.
  • When Apple Dumplin' said "Liver?", she isn't on her red wagon.
  • At the beginning of "A Berry Happy Birthday", Strawberry Shortcake isn't with her new friends, but when the camera zooms in, she was there.
  • In one scene, when Strawberry Shortcake and her friend go to a place to find juice, Custard was awake and the cookies are gone. In the next scene, when the camera zooms in, the cookies reappear, and Custard was still sleeping.
  • When Huckberry Pie was saving the food for Apple Dumplin's party, there were 4 jars of cookies instead of 2. Ginger Snap would have given 2 more jars of cookies to Strawberry Shortcake before they left the bakery.
  • After when Strawberry saved her sister, Huck and Pupcake weren't on the ground.
  • When Strawberry Shortcake picks up her sister after rescuing her, the rope attached to the wagon disappears. But when Custard tries to stop it, the rope reappears. Then, when Huckleberry Pie tries to save the stuff, the rope is gone again.
  • When Huckleberry Pie takes his party hat off, he had eyelashes like Strawberry Shortcake and her new friends.