Pets on Parade song 3 - Pets Parade02:12

Pets on Parade song 3 - Pets Parade

Pets on Parade

Pet's Parade

Strawberry: Side by side another, a cuddly pets a kids best friend.

You can't have one without the other. A huggable home companion to the end...

Sisters, dads, mom, and brothers, are terribly important we all know!

But a happy something more, that comes scratching on the door.

And a waggin' tail beneath the kitchen table!

So lets every boy and gal wants a furry little pal.

So an animals a kids best friend!

Here they come, just for you, kids in back, two by two!

Look at little Jelly Bear, betcha Butter Cookies there.

Lime chiffon's got a yacker, parfait parrot wants a cracker.

What makes Cherry Cuddler berry merry, a goosey goose she calls gooseberry!

Lemon Meringue looked quite unhappy til she got a frog named Frappe.

Marmalade the butterfly is the apple of Orange Blossoms eye.

Apricot is feelin' sunny, Hops-a-Lot's her favorite bunny!

Blueberry would have a lonely house with her little cheesecake mouse.

Rhubarb sure is feelin' fine, Raspberry Tart's on monkey shines.

Dumplin's heart sure hurt a lot til tea time turtle got

Pupcake's really quite a guy he's owned by Huckleberry Pie!

And Strawberry Shortcake without her Custard couldn't begin to cut the mustard!

So let every boy and gal, hold a furry little pal.

Cause an animals a kids best friend!

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