Plum Pudding is a dancer.  She is mainly in the new series.

The fun dancer in Berry Bitty City and one of Strawberry Shortcake's best friends. Plum Pudding is a happy, carefree girl who is very kind and funny. Dancing is both her passion, and way of life. She is always seen doing it at, or out of her Studio. Berry best dancer ever.

She's very friendly and kind, and always puts others before herself. But she has a passion that can not be put out easily and as a result can be stubborn.

Her color is purple, while her symbol is the plum.

She is voiced by Ashleigh Ball.


A friendly girl who is very open, kind, and affectionate with her friends. She always tries to help them, even if they're too stubborn to ask for help or insist they don't even need it. Such as, when she secretly got everyone (minus Strawberry) to help Raspberry make her outfits when she was overworking herself, in A Stitch In Time.

Plum is also known to be goofy, she laughs a lot and loves things like pranks and jokes. She could keep laughing, much like a hyena if given something super funny! However Plum does not overdo it, she tries to not make someone feel bad, should something funny happen to them. But she does try to use jokes to lighten up the situation.

With the good comes the bad, negative traits. She lacks leadership skills and happens to be very competitive. As shown when the girls were going to perform in a Dance off and her lack of good judgement and will to cut out the complicated dance made things very hard for the others and eventually forcing them to drop out with small casualities occuring to each of them due to practicing 24/7.

She also panics and gets nervous quickly, suggesting they run in the face of fear. She is also the first to weep in a situation.

Official Hub Profile

Always on the move, Plum Pudding seems to hear a happy dance beat wherever she goes. Plum's kind heart and quirky ways makes her a favorite friend in Berry Bitty City.


As stated, Plum is known as the dancer in town. She has plenty of skill, incorporating it when she can in everything she does. She knows many forms and types of dances. When someone needs a dance, she just knows the thing to use!

Despite not being the brainiest, Plum can always make really complicated dances. And be the only person who can manage to do them...

Plum also knows exercise, in forms of dance usually and as such she is the one who teaches exercise class of all types.


  • Raspberry: Although she isn't seen with her as often as Strawberry or Orange, Plum tends to be seen as thirdly (probably), when Raspberry has a problem, Plum is usually the one to notice it first and she does anything she can to fix it.
  • Strawberry: Plum had a temporary grudge with Strawberry, one episode; she learned the importance of rules. They are close friends.
  • Blueberry Muffin: She is not often seen with Blueberry outside of group moments.
  • Orange Blossom: She is depicted with Orange some of the time.
  • Lemon Meringue: Same as above.
  • Cherry Jam: At first Plum didn't treat her as a friend, But now they are closer.

Plum gains a new puppy in season 3 she named Pitterpatch. A boy dog that is mostly white with lilac markings.


Plum is a light skinned female with long lavender hair that is pulled back into a ponytail held with a small
blue scrunchy with two plums on it and a few loose bangs neatly placed around her face. It's revealed when her hair is down, it's perfectly straight and in her face. Her eyes are a similar hue and her lipstick/lipgloss is pink.

Plum's most common outfit is a greyish-pink dress with a ruffled skirt like bottom and a turquoise layer beneath it with a lavender midlength jacket with a plum button and two small turquoise bow tails. She wears greyish-pink and white stripede stockings and as she is a dancer wears lavender leg warmers and purple ballet shoes with a plum at the toe and purple soles.

For formals, Plum usually puts on a dress of a lavender bodice and layered turquoise and pink skirt, pink above-elbow gloves, and a fancy wire-styled turquoise scrunchy with plum gems.

During winter, Plum wears a long lavender coat with turquoise fur trim at the hem, neck, and cuffs. Her gloves or mittens are pink. She keeps her same leggings and gains snow-themed purple shoes with turquoise fur trim on top. Another winter outfit she wears consists of a lilac coat with fur trim, lavender gloves, and greyish-pink and white stripede stockings.

To see other outfits Plum has worn, visit: Plum Pudding (Other Outfits)


"Pupcake's the thief? It's always the cute ones..."

"And when I find out who has done this, they will have to answer to the wrath of Plum!"

"When I win, I don't want to have to share the glory."

"Pitterpatch doesn't need a leash."


  • Ironically, Plum had switched careers with Blueberry from previous series. When not in group they do not make too much contact with one-another.
  • Plum is the only girl who wears her hair up at all times.
  • On multiple occasions Plum has shown to have a "wild streak" and gets excited in the face of danger on more then one occasion. But sometimes she shows a cowardly streak too.
  • Plum is the only girl to wear leg warmers on a regular basis.
  • Her studio has been called both Sweet Steps Studio, and Sweet Beats Studio.
  • Despite how much she dances, practices, and twirls, she easily gets dizzy.
  • It's revealed in Too Cool for Rules that she loves Gooseberry Pie.
  • In the movie, Plum's plum icons are very dark in color, and her hair piece is green instead of turquoise. These were either original colorings, or a color error present throughout the film.
  • Plum's orginal stockings were the basic green and white stripes but were changes to lilac and white later on.
  • In Berryella and Prince Charming, her ringtone is the song "Anything is Possible".

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