Baby Without A Name song 2 - Scary Holiday01:15

Baby Without A Name song 2 - Scary Holiday

Baby Without a Name

Scary Holidays

Strawberry: There's a time to seem to remember, when all the ghost come out to play!

All the goblins get together, and have a very scary holiday.

oh, oh, oh

Just about the time of midnight, all the ghost from miles around.

Try their worst to scare little children.

Listen and you can hear their haunting sound.

What was that? I think they're here. You can never tell when a ghost is near...

Watch your step or you'll disappear.

Then the ghost start for someone, that they can spook and steal away.

They'll tie you up with cobwebs and shadows, and take you way on a very scary holiday.

Tip the toe, stay out of sight. The moon is full, the time is right

The ghost are looking for you tonight...

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