Shin'en Multimedia

Shin'en Multimedia GmbH is a German video game developer. Based in Munich, the company was founded in 1999 by former members of the demoscene group Abyss, and has since been an official Nintendo third-party developer.[1] They currently develop games for the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and also for non-Nintendo platforms such as the PlayStation 4. Shin'en has also developed for the Wii, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color.

Shin'en also created the soundtracks for around 200 video games. They developed the GHX, GAX, DSX, and NAX (which is based on the GAX) handheld audio middleware.

Relation to the franchise

They are responsible for developing the Nintendo DS game Strawberry Shortcake: The Four Seasons Cake.


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