Sleeping Beauty - is the 13th episode of the 2007 4th season of Strawberry Shortcake.

Bramble berry Fairy( Angel Cake) feels neglected and cast a spell that puts Princess Strawberry Rose to sleep. The Princess's fairy friends (AppleBerry, Rainbow Berry, Ginger Berry, Tangerina Berry, and Orange Berry) aren't to awake her. It's up to Prince Huckleberry to teach Bramble Berry Fairy an important lesson in friendship and listening.

A retelling of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale featuring Strawberry Shortcake characters.Strawberry Shortcake as Princess Strawberry Rose. It's a retelling of "Sleeping Beauty" - but our focus is on the fairy that didn't get her invitation and stubbornly refuses to listen to the reason why.Orange Blossom as Orange Berry Fairy.

Angel Cake as Bramble Berry Fairy.

Ginger Snap as Ginger Berry Fairy.

Apple Dumplin as AppleBerry Fairy.

Rainbow Sherbet as Rainbow Berry Fairy.

Tangerina Torta as Tangerina Berry Fairy.

Huckleberry Pie as Prince Huckleberry.

The Image / Gallery:

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