Strawberry Shortcake: Housewarming Surprise is an animated television special from 1983.

This is the fourth special!

Strawberry Shortcake Housewarming Surprise - 1983

Strawberry Shortcake Housewarming Surprise - 1983



Strawberry Shortcake moves into a brand new home. Her friends, including several new ones she met on a recent "around the world" vacation come to visit her. The villains attempt to ruin the fun by stealing all the recipes Strawberry's international friends bring with them.


Mr. Sun greets the audience while explaining that today in Strawberryland, Strawberry Shortcake is planning to move to a new home. As they pack away her items she has called her friends to come over so that she could show them a home movie of the friends she met while she had been around the world traveling.

First up is her friend Cafe Ole and Burrito, her pet in Mexicocoa. Cafe Ole had taught Strawberry how to do a mexican dance! Then was Almond Tea in China, with Marza-panda. Then came Mint Tulip and Marshmallord, they ate a whole bunch of chocolate! Then Strawberry met Crepe Suzette and her poodle Eclair. Then finally she met Lem N' Ada, who she mentions are hard to tell apart when they lack certain articles of clothing. She then ends the film strip while expressing sorrow in not being able to see her new friends for some time....

Blueberry and Huckleberry remind her that she has to get settled into her new home however and the theme song beings to play!

Mr. Sun begins to talk about the Peculiar Purple Pieman and Sour Grapes. Sour Grapes came over to discuss their new plots against Strawberry Shortcake.

Meanwhile, Strawberry is going over everything to make sure she's packed up everything. She goes up ahead of the many rows of packing items with all of her friends on them and mentions that she'll be at her new house waiting. In the back, Lime and Blueberry make conversation about how they wished they could meet Strawberry's new friends. Parfait suddenly mentions that they can have a surprise housewarming party for Strawberry Shortcake and they can invite all of her friends from around the world to partake in it.

Unknown to them, one of the Pieman's crows was observing them and he flew back to repeat everything. The Purple Pieman uses this knowledge and he and Sour Grapes begin to form an idea to steal all of the best recipes that the guest will be bringing along with them!

Strawberry is observing the grand height of her new home along with Custard. She begins to straighten her bed. then eventually she sits down to begin reading a book. Strawberry then wishes that she could bring her new friends back to Strawberryland to meet her old ones when suddenly her doorbell rings!

Strawberry gets up to answer it and sees Lime Chiffon standing there. Who then announces the arrival of her "Around the World" friends! One by one they all come inside, along with her old friends in Strawberryland. Happily she mentions how happy she is, but then asks about Lem N Ada before turning to see the twins standing outside with their dog and a picnic basket containing all of the recipes neatly packed inside. Huckleberry Pie suggest they all play a game of hide and seek later in the day since everyone wants to take a tour of the brand new home.

As they play the Peculiar Purple Pieman breaks into Strawberry's home so that he can try to find the recipes. He begins to eat all of the snacks until hearing Strawberry approach. He grabs a bottle of whip cream and sprays it all over himself to hide. But it does not take Strawberry too long to realize its him when Custard goes to observe the "weird cake". Unfortunately, none of them knew that Lem N Ada had hid into the basket of recipes he then makes off with!

Strawberry gives chase and she manages to get the entire way back to the Pie Tin House where Sour Grapes is awaiting the Purple Pieman's return. She begins to scare the worm Strawberry rode on to get there but she refuses to give up and she goes to re-group with everyone else in hopes of thinking up an idea. Though upon returning, Strawberry is very sad about having lost everyone recipes. They begin to hear someone talk and see Captain Cackle, one of the Pieman's Berry Birds. They notice he's repeating everything they say, and Strawberry realizes that by singing a song about Berry talk they can make them get back their recipes.

And so, she sends the crows after the Peculiar Purple Pieman, who is beginning to grow upset due to the fact Sour Grapes is refusing to share any credit with him. She plans to use each and every recipe in order to become famous and does not plan to include him...

After a lot of berry talk, Purple Pieman begs Strawberry to call them all off. Promising to give back the recipes if she just makes them stop but Sour Grapes tries to make him give them back, and not just hand them up so easily and they accidentally toss the basket with Lem N Ada, and the Recipes aside onto a high point that nobody can reach!

Mr. Sun then reveals to them that Lem N' Ada are also up in the recipes box. Sour Grapes however is very impressed with the situation while the berry children panic and worriedly try to solve the problem. Strawberry summons the same worm from earlier with an idea she has and every single berry child stacks on each other to reach the basket while the Pieman also tries to reach them. Dreggs, Sour Grapes' snake reaches the basket first, then hands them over right to Strawberry in a surprising twist! Very angry the two then fly away with the crows holding them...

And so, everyone returns back to Strawberry's home in order to finish the party and they sing while the special comes to an end...



  • This is the last special/film to lack Plum Puddin'
  • The Purple Pieman's appearance has changed slightly.
  • Most of the Voice Actors have been replaced as this film was made by a new company. Strawberry Shortcake, Mr. Sun, and the Purple Pieman are a few who retained their previous voice actors.