Strawberry Shortcake: Pets on Parade is an animated television special from 1982, made by Romeo Muller, Robert L Rosen, and Fred Wolf.

Strawberry Shortcake Pets on Parade - 1982

Strawberry Shortcake Pets on Parade - 1982

This is the third special.



Strawberry are her kitty-cat Custard are going to be judging the second annual grand old pet-able pet show and pet parade but Sour Grapes and the Perculiar Purple Pieman plan to enter the show and frame Strawberry for cheating.

She also tries to help new friend Angel Cake in hopes of finding her a pet too!


Mr. Sun greets the audience while explaining that a berry special event will be coming up again. It's a berry exciting day but not everyone is happy about it...

Strawberry tells Custard to stop pouting because she cannot be in the contest this year, since she came in first previously. But she perks up her kitty by adding that they were asked to be the judges instead. They go outside as Strawberry overlooks the precious first prize reward, a berry beautiful bike! The Purple Pieman makes it known that he plans to steal the bike for himself and Strawberry has Custard quickly hide it and she puts an old fountain in its place instead. Which he accidentally grabs, only to splash water all over himself!

Out of anger, the Peculiar Purple Pieman grabs a bunch of his pies and begins to throw them at everything before he hides under a patch of grass. He'll simply swipe the bike when Strawberry isn't looking. But this plan fails to, so he simply resorts to just winning the contest himself!

As Strawberry rides along the pathway the intro song begins to play...

The purple pieman begins to work on his plan when he and his objects he had been preparing go flying! A woman steps off of a passing trolley and she begins to laugh at his accident. He demands to know who she is when she suddenly makes very odd sounds. He recognizes her instantly and when he brings up Strawberry Shortcake they both decide they will work together to rid of her, or just made her upset.

Meanwhile, Strawberry and Custard have gone to Sunflower Market in order to overlook things when Strawberry sees an odd girl with a candy cane. Strawberry has never seen her before and she goes to talk to her and she learns her name is Angel Cake. Angel explains that she has just moved to Strawberryland. Strawberry compliments her for being so polite, and Angel thanks her once more before being asked if she has a pet. To which she sadly tells her no. Strawberry then asks if she even wants a pet, to which Angel tells her that she does and she mentions how loney she is. Strawberry offers to find Angel a pet after lunch, but Angel tells her that she is on a diet, so she does not eat lunch. But upon being asked why she has candy, Angel tells her calories don't count when you don't think about them.

Elsewhere, the Purple Pieman and Sour Grapes have broken into Strawberry's home to steal her phonograph. Soon the two of them argue as to who is a better villian and burst into song...

Custard meanwhile, has gone and made a friend of her own! A cute purple skunk that wants to stay at Strawberryland. Custard asks the skunks name and the skunk expresses interest in entering the pet show. But it does not have a kid to enter with. Custard mentions how hard it can be to find a good kid when Strawberry calls her and she has to leave since its time to begin the parade!

And so, its soon time for the Talent Contest! Strawberry is about to announce the first contestant when a strange man gives her a present. She tells him she cannot accept it now since she's busy but he gives her the signboard to sign so that she can accept her gift. So she quickly signs as Pupcake walks on stage and begins to do tricks. The cute skunk watching from the sidelines proceeds to do the same. She gives Pupcake an 8, while Custard gives him a 0. Strawberry scolds her, claiming she is being jealous so Custard holds up a 6 instead.

Soon Strawberry goes to announce the winner when the Pieman and Sour Grapes suddenly show up announcing that they entered the pet contest too. So they need to perform first. Strawberry allows it and their pets, Dreggs the snake and a crow begin to sing a duet. Strawberry thinks they have sung well when she finds her record player behind the stage. She asks how it could have got there and the disc playing was of two singers performing together. So, as part of their plan the Pieman tells Strawberry that they are on to "us". As in himself, Sour Grapes, and Her!

Strawberry asks about this and the two of them try to make it sound as if she was trying to cheat. The others find it easy to believe they are right but Angel refuses to believe it. The Purple Pieman pulls out a present and Strawberry recognizes it as the gift she was given earlier. Upon opening it she sees its a picture of the purple pieman. He reads the tag and points out to all of the berry residents that it was a bribe!

Everyone begins to boo and hiss now, even Angel believes that Strawberry was cheating. Strawberry tries to get them to listen to her but she runs off crying with the skunk trailing behind her. He manages to cheer her up while explaining that against all of the odds, she has to keep her best foot forward and just march back to town!

So Strawberry Shortcake and the skunk both make their way to the scene of the incident where the Purple Pieman is trying to permanently turn Strawberry's friends against her by claiming she's always cheating. She walks on stage and threatens him with non-stop berry talk until he confesses to his and Sour Grape's plans. Sour Grapes angrily tells him off before making that sound that drives him insane and she chases him down the pathway while Strawberry happily cheers. And so, everybody agrees that the winner of the contest should be the cute little skunk.

About to announce him as Winner, Strawberry is interrupted by Angel, who has an objection. She explains that the official rules explain that only pets with a child who loves it can win. Strawberry and the others get sad until Angel also adds that she has thought up the perfect solution for this objection. She promises to love him and "adopts" the skunk as her pet, re-naming it Souffle. She also asks it to promise to diet as well, if it doesn't mind. Souffle happily agrees and she hands him an ice cream bar. Giving the trike to Souffle, they all begin to cheer and happily prepare for the outside party as the sun goes down and the day comes to an end...

Another song takes place as the special ends...



  • This features the first major art style improvement compared to the last two movies.
  • This is the only time the pets talk during any of the specials.
  • This is the last film produced by the Mueller/Rosen production.
  • Purple Pieman's hatred towards Berry talk comes up again after no mention in the previous film.
  • Just about every time Angel cake appears she has a new candy with her.
  • This special features the first time the credits have changed from its usual frozen image.