Strawberry Shortcake Meets the Berrykins was the sixth and final made for TV Movie Special. It was released in 1985.

It was the last of Strawberry Shortcake until 1991 when DiC tried to revive the series.

Strawberry Shortcake Meets The Berrykins - 1985

Strawberry Shortcake Meets The Berrykins - 1985



Strawberry Shortcake tries to rid of a horrible smelling cloud covering Strawberryland with the help of her new friends, the Strawberry princess and the berrykins!


Mr. Sun greets the audience as he comments on how wonderful all of the berries smell. He goes on to explain that Strawberry and all of her berry friends are preparing for their first annual garden party. Strawberry goes over a checklist to make sure they have everything they need to have a wonderful party while everybody else works on setting up. Strawberry remembers one final thing and she introduces her new friend, Banana Twirl, to everyone else. She then asks Banana how she can be so energetic, to which Banana replies that she just tends to think of everything as an exercise or workout.

Strawberry asks if she even means berry hunting, which Banana have never heard of! She asks what this is and Strawberry explains that for this annual party, each and every one of them hunt for a berry special berry to bring and put into the special item that holds each, wonderful berry. They all then run off as Strawberry reminds them to only grab the berry, berry, best...

After they bring back all of the berries, Mr. Sun explains that almost everything is all ready for the garden party while the camera goes to Strawberry, who has just changed into a cute party dress and she begins to look into a mirror while she plays with her hair. A song then begins to play and ends as she ties a ribbon into her hair. Strawberry then heads outside but it stopped upon seeing her berry best berry in front of her!

Strawberry runs back to put her berry back into the pile when she sees all of her friends all dressed up and in the same predicament. They try to figure out why that happened and Peach Blush points out that the berries couldn't have just got up and walked away by themselves. She then tells Lime it isn't funny, but Lime claims she wasn't laughing. Strawberry comments on how strange this is when a bright pink light suddenly forms into a strange figure. The berry Princess!

She explains that she is searching for her berrykins. As Strawberry asks about berrykins she and the others continue to hear laughter and notice their berries reacting strangely and they all suddenly transform into small, strange people! The little fruit people hide around and under the princess, who tells them to greet the berry girls before explaining her role of bringing up each berry to be fragrant and healthy, the little berrykins all help with this and each has their own unique scented dust they spray on their specific fruit. The more fragrant the scent, the better the taste.

Suddenly it begins to storm! Everyone hides as the camera then goes to the Peculiar Purple Pieman and Sour Grapes as they try to make the worlds best scent. The Pieman is sure they will fail but Sour Grapes assures him if they keep combining the best scents they will succeed. Smelling the latest perfume, the Pieman determines it is unpleasant and he dumps it into a big container that is releasing the foul smelling gasses out onto Strawberryland while he questions if its really okay to be doing this.

As the rain slows down to a stop the Princess picks up a strawberry and sniffs it, only to drop it in disgust. Strawberry picks it up and notices it smells like pizza! And raspberries smell like pretzels and chocolate, another Strawberry smells like popcorn! The princess is determined to find out the cause of all the odd scents and she tells the berry children that the berrykins will try to fix everything and get them smelling sweeter then ever. Plum tells them that they do not have much time however, in an hour the cloud forming above them is going to burst!

Plum suddenly finds Elderberry Owl eating flowers! When one falls down, Banana Twirl sniffs it and mentions it smells like a marshmallow. The princess uses her magic to fix it while Strawberry pulls a lemon wedge away from Custard and she identifies the scent as catnip. The princess realizes that the animals don't understand what is going on, so Strawberry has them all line up and tries to teach them by singing a song. The animals, Berrykins, and other girls then run off to do their work while the Princess, Strawberry, and the Strawberry Berrykin go to find the source of the awful scents...

Back with a group of Berrykins, they find a very stinky crow and decide to spray him with all of their smells, since they cannot agree on which ONE to use. The crow flies up, then swoops down to grab all of them in its pouch since the scents are berry good and would be perfect for the perfume Sour Grapes and Pieman are trying to make. They hear someone knocking out the window and the Purple Pieman looks out of the window to see Strawberry, the berrykin, and the princess floating on a cloud. Instantly smitten by the Princess he asks her name, to which Strawberry accusingly states she should have known the fowl smells were because of something he was doing. The Princess tries to smoothly and calmly talk with the Purple Pieman about the problems the perfumes were causing. He explains that he was trying to make a very amazing scent and pulls a switch, causing the machine that releases the fumes into the air to slow down to a stop.

They then float away as the Princess thanks the Purple Pieman for the aid. He corrects the name error while Sour Grapes insults him for being a pea-brain but he snaps out of it when his crow flies in and releases the berrykins for them to see....

As the other three get back to the group of worried berry girls, they explain that the berry bird stole the other berrykins and they had just missed it. Strawberry points out how darker and cloudier the sky is getting and they rush back to the Pie Tin Home. The Purple Pieman has loaded the multiple berrykins into a salt and pepper shaker type object and begins to sprinkle their scents into the mixing pot when suddenly he hears the Princess again and quickly gets up to answer. Before he can though, Sour Grapes stops him and she answers the window herself. She tells them that they can have the berrykins back, when they finish shaking them senseless!

Considering they have tried to go about this peacefully, the Princess tells Strawberry she is willing to do anything to get back her berrykins. So Strawberry gets an idea. Strawberry sends her Strawberry berrykin into the nearby vent and it finds all of the berrykins inside the odd shaker object. She then demands that they just try to stop her and the Purple Pieman chases her around. She manages to escape him each time though by spraying her strawberry scent while bouncing around until she gets him stuck inside the vent!

Strawberry is then let inside as the berrykin opens the door for her and while Sour Grapes is trying to free the Pieman she, and he both fall into the cauldron of bad smells. As everybody escapes for safe land, the Princess tries to cast a very big magical spell, summing strong winds to rid of the foul smells. As rain pours down the girls all point out that they can smell their scents again as she appears...

Mr. Sun is very happy to have Strawberryland smelling as sweet as ever! Its very late in the day and he begins to yawn while slowly going down and turning the day into night...

The Princess sings everyone to sleep, except for Strawberry who is still awake. She tells the Princess she thinks her song was beautiful and the Princess thanks her for all of her help. She then tells her that she really must be going now, but she asks Strawberry and her friends to watch over all of the berrykins for her. Strawberry instantly agrees and she says goodbye to the Princess while she vanishes. Strawberry suddenly notices her hair growing very long and smiles just a bit as she looks to the sky to thank the princess as the special comes to an end...



  • This movie is the most lacking in terms of voice actors. While there's a bunch of characters, most of them share the same voice actor.
  • During the credits when Lime pulls Parfait Parrot from the lime tree it is incorrectly colored dark purple!
  • During the marching line at the intro credits, Lime is shown holding a lemon. Lemon, who was also present for the event didn't show up in line either.
  • When all of the fruit are sat together, the Lemon turns pink after the orange lands in the pile.
  • During the song, "When I grow up" notice that Lime's coloring seems pretty off during the closeups. She looks to be a dingy yellow instead of green. But this may depend on the quality of the media the movie is watched on.
  • Ironically, a few characters featured in this movie with berrykins did not receive merchandise. But someone NOT in this special did, this being Mint Tulip.
  • Notice that after picking her plum when Plum Puddin' is in a line with the other kids,she is holding what appears to be a peach.When the kids are putting their "fruits" on the table,it is a plum again.
  • When Strawberry says, "Well I guess I'll just have to teach them a quick lesson!", her hair appears to be cutting into her shoulder.