Strawberry Shortcake: The Sweet Dreams Game is a video game developed by Studio 1-2 and published by The Game Factory for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.


The game comprises several minigames, such as a match-3 puzzle, hide-and-seek, a hidden object game, a horse race, and many others. There are three difficulty levels to choose from, and a parental control mode where parents can set various options such as game difficulty, audio settings, and time limits dictating how long child can play the game.



  • The game is compatible with Classic Mac OS, years after support for it has been discontinued in favour of Mac OS X, and during the time when Apple first implemented support for Intel processors. It could be presumed that the reason for supporting Classic Mac OS is that people are still transitioning to modern Macintosh devices at the time, and that most of the game's target audience, along with classrooms using it in their curriculum, still use legacy Macintosh computers and are yet to upgrade to newer systems.